About us

XploreAir designs flying machines for adventure.

We are all born explorers, and the quest for adventure remains within us always. 

XploreAir vehicles combine existing technologies in extraordinary ways with one single aim; to allow your own adventure to take flight. 

We live in Kingston-upon-Thames, on the outskirts of London, two minutes’ walk from the birthplace of the Sopwith Aviation Company - a British aircraft company that built aircraft including the Sopwith Camel for the Royal Air Force in WW1.

We spent our childhoods riding bikes and dreaming of flight. 

We formed XploreAir to give birth to the paravelo and other equally-unusual projects planned for the future.


The development of the Paravelo has been made possible with the support and friendship of Parajet - a British manufacturer of paramotors and our engineering partner on this project.