XploreAir news

Continuing the development

As Im sure you will be aware we sadly didn't manage to reach our Kickstarter funding goal. The upside though is that we have connected with many like minded people who believe in this project as much as we do. 

Taking advantage of the great weather we have been developing the Paravelo and trying out some new ideas. Soon to be on the front cover of the Hammacher & Schlemmer catalogue, we are gearing up for bespoke production. Email us at info@xploreair.com for more info. 

We have also got a couple of other projects on the go so are looking forward to revealing them soon...



An evening with NBC

Last Friday we spent a really great evening with Michelle Kosinski and the NBC crew. The Paravelo was put through its paces by test pilot, Fly games champion and Parajet team pilot Dean Eldridge. Whilst demonstrating the capabilities of the Paravelo to the US news channel we also managed to get presenter Michelle up on a tandem Para trike, the screams could be heard for miles... (of joy of course!)


Paravelo Sunset

Paravelo Sunset

One week in...

We are 7 days into our Kickstarter pitch and things have been pretty crazy. We have been lucky enough to be featured in most of the UK newspapers, and the search results online for Pavavelo are growing everyday. John was particularly pleased to do a live interview with Playboy Radio in LA.

Whilst filming at the BBC we noticed that we had parked the bike in a particularly poignant place. Lets hope this is a good omen.