XploreAir news

We've done it.

It's taken two years to get the paravelo to a flying prototype stage and today it launches on Kickstarter.

We took the first steps towards today as kids, when we daydreamed about flight, but the real journey begins now.

Who can know what our 60 days on Kickstarter will bring, but take a look at our pitch, and if you believe in what we're striving for, please support us - even if it's simply by spreading the word.

We'd love to have you along for the journey...


XploreAir tent

Inspired by our own love of life under canvas, we're developing a tent designed specifically for the paravelo. Every camping trip is special, but the freedom to cycle out of town, take to the skies, and sleep out before finally returning home opens a world of possibilities. 

Carried inside an integral pannier set, our lightweight XploreAir tent will use the motor cage as a structural element to keep you and your kit dry until you take to the sky again. The tent design includes a separation panel between the sleeping space and the trailer/bike compartment.

So, help us christen the pursuit of flamping (flying and camping)